How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

The Best 4 Features in Office Chairs to Prevent Lower Back Pain

by Alexa Armstrong

If you suffer from lower back pain, you need to choose furniture that is specifically designed to handle and prevent it from flaring. Otherwise, your lower back pain can consume your life and make everyday living much more difficult. This is especially important when it comes to choosing your office chair since, if you work in an office, you likely spend a good majority of your time sitting in this chair. Here are the best four features to look for in an office chair to prevent your lower back pain from flaring:

Natural Curve Shape: The office chair should curve to fit the natural curve of your spine. This is going to ensure that all areas of your back is supported, including your lower, which isn't often found with office chairs. Many office chairs that do this will have a seat where the lower and upper part of the back is separated so that they can be adjusted to fit your natural curve specifically. 

Adjustable Height: Lower back pain can occur when your knees have to bend too much or extend too much, which is why it's important to find an office chair that has an adjustable height setting. This way, you can adjust the height so that your knees are bent at a complete 90 degree angle. This prevents strain from being placed on the muscles and the lower back. 

Arm Rests: When office chairs have arm rests, it's easier to relax, which also puts less strain on your lower back. Without arm rests, you might find yourself sitting in an unnatural position in order to relax your arms. For example, some people will slouch and let their arms hang or they will slouch in order to rest their arms on the desk. 

Easy to Get Up and Down: Finally, you want an office chair that is easy to get up and down from since moving frequently throughout the day is going to prevent lower back pain flare ups. You want to get up and move at least every 30 minutes and having a chair that is easy to pull out from the desk and swivels makes it easy to do this swiftly. 

When you know what four features to look for in an office chair when you suffer from lower back pain, you can prevent yourself from having as many flare ups of pain throughout your work week. 


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