How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

Writing Resumes for Military Transition Use

by Alexa Armstrong

As military personnel transition back to civilian life, one important aspect of their job search is creating a resume that effectively showcases their skills and experiences. These resumes are not only useful for securing civilian jobs, but they can also serve as a valuable tool for career advancement within the military. 

Why Are These Resumes Important?

For military personnel, creating a resume may seem like a daunting task. However, it is an essential step in the transition process. Resumes provide a clear and concise summary of one's skills, experiences, and accomplishments, making it easier for potential employers to understand their qualifications. This is especially important for military members who may have difficulty translating their skills and experiences from their time in service into civilian terms.

What Makes a Successful Military Transition Resume?

There are several key elements that contribute to a successful military transition resume.

Highlighting Transferable Skills

One of the most important aspects of a military transition resume is highlighting transferable skills. This means identifying and showcasing skills that can be applied to both military and civilian roles. For example, leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills are highly valued in both settings.

Emphasizing Accomplishments

In the military, personnel are often trained to focus on accomplishments rather than job duties. This mindset should carry over into their resume writing as well. Instead of simply listing job duties, military transition resumes should highlight specific achievements and successes. This not only shows employers what they are capable of, but it also helps to differentiate them from other job candidates.

Using Civilian Terminology

It is crucial to create a resume that will resonate with potential employers. This may involve researching job postings and industry-specific language to ensure the resume is tailored to each application.

Tailoring the Resume for Each Job

Similar to using civilian terminology, tailoring the resume for each job is important in standing out to potential employers. This means highlighting skills and experiences that are specifically relevant to the job at hand and customizing the language and formatting of the resume accordingly.

How Can Military Transition Resumes Benefit Career Advancement within the Military?

In addition to being useful for civilian job searches, military transition resumes can also be beneficial for career advancement within the military. A well-crafted resume can highlight an individual's accomplishments and potential for growth within their current role or in future assignments.

Furthermore, as military personnel advance in rank and take on new responsibilities, a resume can serve as a record of their achievements and experiences that may be useful when applying for promotions or leadership positions.

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How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

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