How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

Prioritizing Preventative Maintenance Tasks To Avoid Downtime

by Alexa Armstrong

While there are many pieces of equipment that you must maintain in order to ensure that they continue to function properly, you must also priorities which pieces of equipment that you should spend your limited time and resources on. This includes equipment that you must maintain in order to ensure that other pieces of equipment also do not fail. 

Prioritizing Equipment Maintenance

Make sure that the equipment that is tied to your infrastructure is maintained. This should include machinery that is mission-critical. It should also include equipment that is tied to your infrastructure and components. Regular preventative maintenance should prevent downtime and  equipment failure.

Consider which pieces of equipment are the most irreplaceable. For instance, you may have a large number of monitors and the maintenance of a single monitor may not be critical to the success of your mission. However, you may only have one printer. If this is used regularly to perform essential business operations, it must be maintained more frequently. It is also important to prioritize equipment that would be expensive to replace over equipment that would be less expensive.

Predicting Impending Failure

Preventative maintenance is important, but it is also important to assess equipment to predict when there is an impending failure. This will ensure that replacement components can be ordered to service the equipment so that there is no downtime. The good news is that preventative maintenance software can make it easy to keep track of when equipment is expected to fail. Have a system put in place for recording concerns from personnel. Often, personnel notice equipment is about to fail, but this information fails to get to the right person.

Spec It Out

For your custom equipment, preventative maintenance begins during the specification process. Select components that are heavy-duty so that they will last longer. While less expensive, these components will save you more money in the long-term. When working with a sales representative to select equipment, share the operating conditions with the sales representative so that equipment and components can be selected that will function the best under these conditions. This will minimize the risk that you will suffer downtime.

If you do not perform your own preventative maintenance yourself, it makes  sense to hire a company that will be able to handle all of the thinking for you. Your equipment can be tracked and a service technician can arrive when it is time for equipment to be serviced or replaced so that your company will never suffer downtime.


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How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

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