How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

Attracting New Members To Your Country Club

by Alexa Armstrong

The great thing about having a private club that offers membership is that you will generate a profit regardless of whether those who are members of your club attend. However, in order to generate a profit from such an endeavor, you will need to market the club to prospective members in the first place. 

Know Your Target Market

The first consideration is who your target market is. Is there a specific service that is provided, such as the best golf course in the area? If this is the case, make sure to focus on marketing to golf enthusiasts and consider where golf enthusiasts will most likely be and what they will read. Place ads in these locations.

Educate Your Target

Think about why your club should be joined vs. other clubs in the area. In some cases, it may simply be because it is closer. Otherwise, you will need to study your competition in order to understand what their weaknesses are. If you are the only club of your type in the area, you may need to educate your target market on what your club is for and the benefits of joining it. For instance, your audience may not know that your club comes with a spa or a gym.

Make sure that those you are marketing to will be informed about facts regarding your club. For instance, those who may be interested in a club may mistakenly believe that the club is only available to residents. Be clear about the requirements for joining the club. 

Offer Freebies 

Offering a temporary, free membership or a day pass is a great way to market your club. Those visiting your club may be wary of signing up for a monthly membership because they may be concerned about the quality of the club. Also, it must be made clear that it is easy to cancel the membership at any time. Consider even offering a refund within a certain number of days.

Ask For Help From Existing Members

Have a member-recommends-member scheme in which members receive discounts or cash for recommending other members. Those who are already attending your club may want to bring their friends along and may also be more able to persuade new club members to join. There are many other tricks that can be used, so it is recommended that you hire a private club consulting specialist in order to assist you in finding new members.


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How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

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