How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

Custom Vinyl Signs For Outdoor Festivals

by Alexa Armstrong

When hosting an outdoor festival, it's important for people to know where to go for food, parking, and other services. Vinyl signs can provide the information people need quickly. Here are a few ideas for using custom vinyl signs at your outdoor festival.

Wind Banners

Wind banners offer a great way to call out parking spaces, and they can also help people remember where they parked. These signs are either sunken into the ground or secured with bases filled with sand, and the tall design makes them easy to see. They also move in the wind to attract visual attention. Use these signs at the entrance to your parking lot, and use different colored signs to call out the different sections of the lot so people can take note of where they parked. You can even create names for each section of the parking lot and have your sign maker create custom signs for each parking lot section.

Light Pole Banners

If there are light poles on the festival grounds, take advantage of them by hanging light pole banners. You can use them to call out food vendor areas, portable toilets, or other amenities people might need to find quickly, and the height at the top of the light poles makes them easy to see. Consider a color-coded system that assigns one color to food vendors, one to entertainment areas, and other to restroom facilities, and hand out fliers to tell people what each sign means. You can also have food vendors sponsor special signs with their names and logos printed on the banners for an additional fee.

Exit Signs

It can be confusing to remember where the exits are to the festival grounds, and if it is a ticketed event, you don't want people accidentally leaving without being able to come back inside. Place wide banners at the exits and entrances so people can find out how to leave quickly and avoid leaving accidentally. These signs can be installed using simple metal frames that secure into the ground, or if there are buildings near the exit, they can be hung on the exterior of the buildings. Have the signs printed with the name of the street that people will be exiting out to, as this can help them to choose the right exit for where they need to go.

Advertising Signage

You want to attract as many visitors as possible, so don't forget signs that actually advertise your festival. Extra-large signs hung on the fences outside of the festival can attract visitors and let attendees know they are in the right place. You can also work with the local government to hang light pole banners throughout the city to advertise the event. Have them printed with the name and logo of your event, as well as the dates, to give potential visitors all the information they need. Work with a custom sign maker to create vinyl signs for your festival, and use these ideas as inspiration to create an event that's easy to navigate for all of your guests.

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