How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

Tips for Protecting Sensitive Electronics During Relocation

by Alexa Armstrong

If you're moving desktop computers, laptops, servers, and other computer-based electronics, there are a lot of moving parts and vibration-sensitive components that need to either be secured from the outside or reinforced on the inside before being transported. To understand the potential damage, as well as ways to protect your investment during a necessary move, here are a few electronics moving and management points.

Prevent Vibration & Cracking Damage

When transporting fragile goods, most of the effort goes to not crushing the container and not allowing the contents to move around too much. For electronics, isolating moving contents is even more important.

Many electronics such as desktop computers have components that can move around enough to snap or loosen connections. Components such as video cards, sound cards, and modems stick out far enough to act as a springboard due to their length and weight, meaning that a hard enough bump could snap or damage the connection area.

Isolation is usually applied with padding, but be careful when padding the insides of electronics. Many padding products made of plastic or packaging foam can generate static, and the static is enough to literally burn the electronic connections or corrupt data.

Use anti-static filler, or remove any long components and place them in anti-static bags.

Adjust Crush Weight Displacing Load

If you're transporting server equipment, the same rules apply in the moving truck and the server room. If you didn't install the equipment and don't have installation experience, know that the amount of weight placed on a device matters.

Server equipment is installed in racks for two reasons. First, there needs to be enough air passing above and below the device to facilitate passive cooling and to avoid transferring heat from one device to another. Two heat-generating devices touching each other becomes a bigger cooling challenge, and server racks are designed to allow a good balance of efficient space management while allowing cooling.

The second reason is to avoid crushing the components. Although most server equipment comes with a metal case, the burden of another device on top—combined with higher temperatures—can lead to the bottom device being bent and crushed. This can damage the internal components, especially since main boards/motherboards are installed against the top or bottom flat surfaces of most devices.

In a moving truck, the heat problem is replaced with impact. Stacked electronics can crush and piece the cases, leading to a rattling and/or broken mess at the end of the trip. Try to keep all electronic devices separate, or stack them with a layer of padding (more than just being in a box cardboard or plastic box) between each device.

Contact a moving company like Del's Truck Rentals for moving truck rentals, and discuss the best practices for transporting your specific electronics.


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