How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

How To Raise Awareness In Schools About Drugs

by Alexa Armstrong

A drug overdose can happen to anyone. You hear stories in news about the kid who was an honor roll student, played sports and was a good child that overdosed. It only takes making the choice to try a drug for a life changing event to occur. Read on to find out how to raise awareness in schools about drugs.

Children Are Naïve About Drug Use

There are a lot of new drugs on the market and you do not know what the drugs are mixed with. Some teenagers are willing to experiment with LSD because it passes quickly through your system. However, many children are being sold 25I-NBOMe instead of LSD. The substance known as 25I-NBOMe is a synthetic drug and a psychedelic hallucinogen.

This drug is designed to imitate the high of LSD, but stronger. It only takes a small dose to get high. Unfortunately, children are out here trusting drug dealers just to fit in with their peers. When children buy drugs, the assumption is that they are getting what they ask for. However, this is not always the case.

Important To Shape The Formative Years

Education is the key to preventing children from using drugs. This education must be given out at the middle and high school levels. During adolescence, a child's brain is still developing and he or she do not understand how to assess risk. For these reasons, children do not know how to respond when presented with opportunities to use and try drugs.

You must give children the facts about drug abuse. The purpose is for them to take this information and use it to make an informed decision. If children are not getting this information from the parents and school, then they are going to get it from the wrong person.

Hire A Guest Speaker

Schools can educate students by taking time out of the schedule to focus on drug and alcohol education. Teens are getting the wrong information from social media, music, television, movies and peers. You must counteract this behavior with testimony from guest speakers. It helps to find guest speakers who were affected by drugs and professionals who have experience with treating drug addiction.

You should find a variety of speakers to speak on this subject and have them come in on different days. It also helps to find a speaker that is closer to your students' age. Students can relate more to someone closer in age who has had an experience with drug abuse.

Many children are just misinformed, which leads to making bad decisions. Parents must have the hard conversations with their children. For more information about education, awareness, and public speakers, talk to companies like eSpeakers.


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How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

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