How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

How Secure Does Your Storage Facility Need To Be?

by Alexa Armstrong

Security is a vital part of any business, and few people actively want their belongings to be stolen. That said, how much security do you want to pay for? Increased services usually means a higher cost for the customers, so it's understandable that some people will opt for lower costs and just a loop to hang their padlock. No matter the security level, you need to be able to confirm that you're getting what you're paying for. Here are a few feature details to help you gauge the security quality as you consider where to put your money and stuff.

Lock, Structure, And Foundation Security

The most basic storage facilities will put most of the security concerns in your hands. You get a storage unit and a door with a place to affix your padlock, but even as you research different types of locks, you need to make sure that the building itself isn't falling apart.

There's little point to adding a padlock to a door that can be pried away from the walls. It's usually not worth a thief's time to bash and hammer their way into a new storage unit door, but if you notice any signs of forced entry--whether it's successful or not--you need to be requesting another door.

A door that has dents on the side may have been broken into with a crowbar. Even if you're not able to see into the storage unit or figure out a way to take advantage of the damage doesn't mean that a thief doesn't have a well-crafted plan already.

In addition to door security, look for any signs of digging or cracked foundation near the ground. Any type of gap or hole could give the thief a way to enter the storage unit, either with a mechanical advantage such as a lever or with a set of wire coat hangers.

Active And Passive Surveillance Features

Storage sheds are great for putting away clothes, old furniture, or other belongings that may not fetch thousands at a pawn shop or fence. For anything that you can't risk losing, make sure to go with indoor storage facilities using security cameras at the very least.

Security cameras both capture evidence of wrongdoing on video and act as a deterrent. There are many different types of thieves with different levels of motivation, and you should weed out all but the most determined by making it hard for people to just wait until no one is looking to do their bad deeds.

Be sure to test that the cameras work. Go to the storage facility and take note of the date and time. Walk in front of the cameras for a while and make sure you're in line of sight, then ask to see footage from that time. Some businesses have cameras that don't record or may not even be on as simple deterrent, and if you're paying a higher than the area's standard storage unit lease, you need to make sure that everything is working as advertised.

Security guards are a higher tier of security, but you need to make sure they're actually patrolling. They don't need to be on the move every minute of the day, but you should make sure that personnel at both day and night hours are actually checking out the premises. 

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How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

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