How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

Tips For Desigining A Trade Show Exhibit

by Alexa Armstrong

Trade shows and other events can be an excellent way of raising the visibility of your company's brand. However, it will require you to have an eye-catching and effective exhibit for the event so that you can stand out against all of your competitors that will also be vying for the attention of attendees.

Be Mindful Of The Exhibit Size Restrictions For The Event

There will be a strong incentive for individuals to have the largest and most eye-catching displays possible. However, it is necessary to note that trade shows and other conventions will usually have fairly strict size limits on the displays that can be used. This is done to ensure that each vendor's booth will be visible. Failing to comply with these restrictions can lead to situations where your exhibit is not allowed to be set up for the event. Prior to ordering your exhibit display, you should closely review the guidelines that are provided when you rent a booth so that you can ensure your display is compliant with these limits.

Invest In A Suitable Tools For Transporting And Storing The Exhibit Materials

There will be a need for you to store your exhibit and transport it to the site of the convention or trade show. Unfortunately, this can be a time when the display will be vulnerable to suffering extensive damage to it. Examples of this will include the display materials becoming bent or warped. Also, it can be possible for moisture damage to occur that could lead to these materials becoming discolored or rotted. Preventing these issues will require you to invest in high-quality storage containers for all of the material that will be needed for your display. Ideally, you should opt for opaque and airtight containers. Opaque containers will allow less sunlight to enter, which can minimize the amount of bleaching that occurs to these materials.

Opt For A Hybrid Exhibit

You may assume that all tradeshow exhibit will be made of vinyl or other durable plastics. While these are easily among the most commonly used materials, hybrid exhibits have also emerged as a popular option. A hybrid exhibit will utilize cloth, fitted plastic, wood displays and other components to provide a professional looking and unique exhibit display. While the design for this type of exhibit will be more complicated to both design and set up, the strong impression that a hybrid display can have on attendees may make it worth using this option.


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How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

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