How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

Fundraising Strategies For Your Church

by Alexa Armstrong

Churches can have surprisingly complicated financial needs. This is particularly true for churches that are looking to expand the size of their building or to start offering new services and mission opportunities. Unfortunately, well-meaning church leaders will often unknowingly compromise their fundraising ability.

Take An Approach That Gets The Entire Congregation Involved

One of the most important steps for having a successful fundraising effort will be to get as much of the congregation involved as possible. This can be in the form of church-wide fundraisers and taking additional collections. Additionally, you may want to provide updates to the congregation about the church's efforts at reaching its fundraising goals. This can be particularly useful when you start to fall behind your goals, as this may help to spur your congregation into action.

Be As Thorough As Possible When Initially Planning And Budgeting

Discovering that your initial fundraising goal was not high enough can be a tremendously demoralizing experience for the congregation, as they may have to go through another round of fundraising after assuming they were done. Not surprisingly, this can drastically reduce the effectiveness of your fundraising efforts. At the start of this process, the most thorough and comprehensive budget possible should be prepared. In this budget, potential cost-overruns should be included so that you can avoid the need to go back to your congregation to raise additional funds for the project.

Create A Separate Account For The Fund

Large churches can have sizable operational costs. Whether it is in the form of utility costs, property taxes, maintenance, security, and child care services. To avoid accidentally spending the project funds on operational expenses, a separate account should be created. In addition to reducing the risk of accidentally spending these funds, this will allow you to easily review the progress your church has made as it will eliminate the need for separating the fundraising money from the operational budget.

Consider Partnering With Other Congregations

Depending on the goal of the fundraising project, it may be beneficial to join forces with other churches. For example, many churches may undertake fundraising efforts to pay for mission trips, and this can be an excellent opportunity for two congregations to work together. While working with other congregations will increase the complexity and logistical work of this project, it may greatly increase the chances of successfully raising the needed funds. This is especially effective for smaller congregations that may not have the numbers needed for major fundraising projects.

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How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

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