How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

What To Look For In A New Lab Water Bath

by Alexa Armstrong

A laboratory water bath is a special incubator that uses water to help insulate protected items. This water bath should be reliable and easy to use to help keep lab samples safe from heat, moisture, and other types of damage. Common in both the scientific and medical communities, this is an essential tool that is needed in every lab setting.

Whether you are investing in a water bath for your own personal laboratory or because your business requires one for a new lab or testing addition to your medical or science site, you should know what to look for in a new water bath. Since there are many brands available, you want to take more than just price into consideration when making your selection. Here is a guide to help you make your final purchasing decision. Only buy a lab water bath from a reputable source, whether you are shopping online or in a store.


A water bath should be portable so you can keep lab samples safe while they are in transit. While portability is key, you also want a unit being lightweight and easy to move. Keep all these factors in mind as you consider what you should look for in your water bath.


A laboratory water bath should be able to safely house a variety of lab testing samples, from vials to tubes to flasks. Choose a circular or tubular water bath design for the most versatility in your unit so you can be able to use the water bath for most — if not all — of your testing samples.


While price isn't a leading factor when it comes to choosing the right water bath for your needs, you shouldn't keep price entirely out of the running when making your selection either. You should compare prices of water baths, especially if you need more than one unit, so you don't end up going broke in the process of obtaining one. You can buy a used water bath for money saving purposes, but you should make sure you only choose a unit that comes with a guarantee or warranty of some sort if you go this route.

Always dig a little deeper to find out why one unit may be much cheaper than another; for instance, a lab water bath may come at an impressive price only because it lacks certain features a more pricey unit has. Your seller will help you find the best water bath for your needs.


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