How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

Four Events That Often Need Temp Photographers

by Alexa Armstrong

If you're a talented photographer, you might stay fairly busy shooting graduations, weddings, and even corporate events. It never hurts to stay on the lookout for temp jobs, however, especially if they happen to fall within your area of interest. Throughout the year, there may be a number of events in your community that hire temp photographers. Getting this type of work can be a pleasant change of scenery for you, and they may serve as an opportunity to make contacts that could turn into future gigs. Here are four such events.

Street Festivals

Many cities have various street festivals throughout the year and will often look for a few photographers who can document the occasion. Whether it's a parade, a food-related festival, or simply an opportunity for local businesses to show off their wares, you'll have a chance to wander around and look for good photo opportunities. If a local business organization runs a variety of street festivals, succeeding in your first temp job may prompt the organization to hire you for its next event.

Musical Festivals

There's often a need for a contingent of photographers are music festivals, given the size of the venue and the number of acts that may be playing simultaneously. It may be difficult for just a few photographers to adequately cover a large music festival, so festival organizers will often look for a number of temp photographers. This job can be enticing for a music buff; even though you're on duty, you'll get to enjoy the music as you do your job.

Sports Tournaments

Large-scale sports tournaments, especially those that involve young athletes, will frequently hire several photographers to shoot during and after games. You might be tasked with simple jobs such as shooting team and individual portraits, while you might also get a chance to patrol the sidelines and shoot action shots. Prior experience with shooting sports can be an asset, as this type of work can be challenging for a novice.

Business Fairs

Business fair organizers will often hire some temp photographers to document the event. This job will involve shooting images of guest speakers, presenters, and attendees as they make their way around the venue and talk to various business representatives. The organizer of the event will typically use your photos for marketing the next business fair, so you'll get a chance to see your work being widely distributed.

Reach out to a temporary staffing agency to see if there are any temporary photography jobs available.


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