How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

Signs That Are Helpful To Motorists At A Highway Rest Stop

by Alexa Armstrong

If you're in charge of maintaining a series of highway rest stops in your area, a series of specific signs can go a long way toward informing motorists about these locations. While you can buy stock signs, such as those that mark handicapped parking spaces, there are a number of other custom signs that you can get made to display both at the rest stop and at the entrance of the access road that leads to it. There are many different signs that you might want to install around this space, but here are some that are essential.

On-Site Amenities

Different rest stops have different types of amenities, so it's important to make motorists aware of what a specific rest stop can offer before they pull in. Signs that approach the rest stop access road will provide this information. Some rest stops simply consist of an area to pull over and stretch the legs or send a text message, while others have vending machines, bathrooms, and even tourist information. Choosing signage that will accurately reflect exactly what your rest stop offers will ensure that motorists know what to expect before they pull off the highway.


Some rest stops are open 24 hours a day, while others are not. For example, some rest stops are closed at a certain hour in the evening and only reopen in the morning. You don't want a motorist to pull into the rest stop with the goal of using the bathroom, only to encounter a locked building. Making sure that you have multiple signs that clearly illustrate the rest stop's hours of operation will be critical. If your rest stop is staffed during the day but not overnight, a sign can provide this helpful detail, too.


Think about what types of signs can provide information for motorists who want to park their vehicles. For example, you might want commercial trucks, campers, and other large vehicles to park in a specific section of the parking lot so that cars and small trucks can use the main part of the parking lot. A couple of signs providing this information will be helpful. You may even want to inform people how they should park. This may especially be necessary if your lot isn't paved and thus doesn't have painted lines. For example, a sign may recommend angle or parallel parking in a certain part of your rest stop lot.

Look for someone who provides custom signs for more information. 


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How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

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