How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

Tips For Better Parking Lot Line Striping In Your Commercial Lot

by Alexa Armstrong

It's about time to re-stripe your commercial parking lot. But trends have changed even over the past decade, in terms of how people use their cars, what types of cars they drive, and what they expect. Here are a few tips for achieving better parking lot striping.

To Angle or Not to Angle

Angled parking lots make a lot more efficient use of the space. It's easier for people to get into and people are less likely to get into accidents. Unfortunately, there is a problem: it means that traffic can only flow one way. So consider the flow of your parking lot before you commit to either angled or straight stalls.

The Weather

Everyone knows that you should not paint a parking lot during the rain. If it's very humid, it will also take a long time for it to dry. But a lot of people don't realize wind can be a problem too. Most parking lots are located by major roads, which are dusty. You don't want to paint a parking lot during a windy day, because the dust will collect on the still-wet paint.

The Size of Stalls

Cars are getting bigger. Mid-sized cars are disappearing and more people are getting SUVs or compacts. You may want to consider this when sizing your stalls. Adding compact spaces and making a lot of stalls larger can help people get into and out of their parking stalls with a little more ease.

Marking Off Boundaries

Re-painting your parking lot is the perfect time to draw boundaries and markers. If there are areas that you want to cordon off for handicap access, or if there are areas that you want to use as buffers or "islands," now is the time. Take a look at how people are using your parking lot and adjust accordingly.

When is the right time to paint a parking lot? If your lines aren't visible, whether during the day or night, it's probably a good time. Non-visible lines aren't just a problem in terms of convenience. They can be dangerous.

Of course, your asphalt line striping company will be able to help you figure out the best painting plan for your lot. There are engineers whose sole focus is to make sure that parking lots are as efficient as possible. You'll be able to make better use of your parking lot and ensure that everyone can clearly see where to go. Reach out to a company that offers asphalt line striping to learn more. 


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How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

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