How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

The Basics And Benefits Of Hydraulic Cranes

by Alexa Armstrong

Construction and expansion are happening at an unprecedented rate. In most neighborhoods and cities, there is some sort of building in process. Many projects require the lifting of very heavy objects that would be difficult to do by hand, even with several people. Fortunately, there are hydraulic cranes that can do that heavy lifting instead.

What are Hydraulic Cranes?

Hydraulic cranes are made up of many parts, but here are just a few of the basics. First, there is the boom. It is the large arm that is used to lift everything. The boom is attached to a rotex gear, which allows it to rotate freely. The counterweights weigh several tons, and they are placed on the back of the cab to prevent the crane from tipping when the boom is lifting something heavy. Cranes also have outriggers that support the crane from the sides as an additional precaution against tipping. A two-gear hydraulic pump pressurizes the oil that is used to make the boom extend. The lattice structure that extends out of the end of the boom is called the jib. Finally, there are the load moment indicator lights that are located inside of the cab. The sit just above the operator's eye level and flash if the crane's lifting limits are reached.

How Hydraulic Cranes Work

Hydraulic cranes can lift much more than a typical motor and pulley powered crane. The use of hydraulics is the key. The hydraulic system is usually filled with oil, which cannot be made any denser than it already is. A pump creates pressure that moves the pistons. Because of this, whatever force the piston exerts on the oil can be directly transferred to another piston, which is then pushed up. The system is fully closed so that there is no loss of pressure or power.

Benefits of Hydraulic Cranes

Compared to their size, hydraulic cranes can lift an immense amount of weight. Even a small one can easily lift a metric ton close to 20 feet into the air, which is a little over 2,200 pounds. This makes them great for most construction sites. Small ones are available to use for housing projects, while there are larger ones that are great for constructing extremely tall buildings. The most powerful crane can lift 1,200 metric tons, which is over 2.5 million pounds, over 600 feet into the air. This range in sizes means that there is a hydraulic crane that could help with whatever heavy lifting your construction job would need.

If you are looking for a crane, a rental might be a great option for you. For more information about hydraulic crane rental services, contact a local rental agency.


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How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

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