How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

3 Tips For Designing A Great Product Label

by Alexa Armstrong

If you have created a product, you are one step closer to being able to sell it. In order to sell it, you are going to need to create a label for the product. The product label is incredibly important; it is how you tell people about your product, and it is how you establish your branding. Your product label can make or break the selling of your product.

1. Keep It Readable

As you work on your product label, you want to ensure that you do what you can to keep it readable. There is a lot of information you may want to get on that label, from the product's name to the size or quantity of the product, and even a short tagline or description.

No matter what you try to fit on it, be sure that your customers can read it. That means not cramming too much into too small of a space. You should use colors and fonts that are easy on the eye and easy to read. You want all information to be readable to someone looking at the label.

2. Use Similar Fonts

When you are making a label, you will be putting a lot of information in a small space. One way to make different information stand out is by using different fonts. When choosing the fonts you want to use, though, you will want to ensure that you look for typographical pairings, which is to say that you look for fonts that look good together. There are different styles of fonts, and you will want to choose ones that are in the same style or design family.

3. Use White Space

With a label, you don't need to fill every square inch up with stuff. It is actually essential to include white space in your design as well. White space is an area where there is nothing there, no image or logo or any other words. Based on the background color of your label, it may not actually be white, white space simply means it isn't filled with content.

White space can help separate information from each other. White space also increases the readability of what you put on the tag. It can create a visual distinction as well. The use of a large amount of white space can make your label look more sophisticated and minimalist.

When it comes to designing a label, keep it readable and use fonts that complement one another. Use white space to your advantage; remember, it is a tool, not a drawback. Work to create a label that showcases your product and helps to entice a potential buyer to pick it up and purchase it. Contact a local labeling company to learn more.


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How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

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