How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

How To Really Stand Out As A Brand

Installing a New Patio? Add a Screen Enclosure

by Alexa Armstrong

If you are installing a new patio to your home, you should also include adding a screen enclosure. Below are some benefits of doing this, as well as information about patio screen enclosures to help you decide if you would like this. 

Benefits of Patio Screen Enclosures

The main benefit of adding a patio screen enclosure is it keeps bugs away from you. This will allow you to sit outside at night and not have to worry about pesky mosquitoes biting you. During the day you can sit out on the patio and eat, and you would not have to worry about flies getting on your food. Bees would not fly into sweet drinks and sting you. 

Patio screen enclosures block some of the sun's harmful rays so you can sit outside longer and not have to worry about the sun. If you add an outdoor fan to the patio, you could sit outside and feel the breeze from the fan and be protected from the sun as well. 

A patio screen enclosure can also give you more privacy if you choose the right type. You and your family could enjoy spending time on the patio without having to worry about nosy neighbors or other people seeing through the screen. 

If you have children or pets, they could spend time outside on the patio as this will provide them with safety. Critters will stay out of the patio. With a screen, you will not have to worry about your pet getting out if there is a secure door on the patio, as well as children leaving the patio while they are playing. 

Patio Screen Enclosures

Patio screen enclosures often feature a back aluminum screen mesh to make the screen more durable. The mesh is virtually invisible and cannot be easily seen by people. This type of enclosure is a frame with a screen rolled around it and secured.  

When it comes to the screen itself you can choose from the standard silver color. If you want more privacy, there is a black screen that is not as easily seen through. Black also looks nice around patios. The screen mesh also comes in different sizes from tightly meshed to loosely meshed with a tighter mesh being more durable. 

You could add a glass patio door to a screen enclosure. It is also easy to upgrade this type of enclosure with another type in the future, such as a glass enclosure. 

Contact a company that sells screen enclosures to look at the different types available. 


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